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Create timeless results.
Web & Print Design.
Understand Structure.
For any platform.
First impressions
are 94% design-related
Data informs everything we do,
Verify with user research,
Win with success through
engagement metrics.
Current in Trends,
Devices & Platforms.
Always Be Ready.

My Recent Work Experience

Thank you for taking some time to view my work and past experiences. I have been creating professional designs for over 10+ years now in Graphic Design, Marketing & Product Design. My previous work experience in other fields of Computer Aided Drafting & Quality Control have allowed me to understand the entire process from start to finish in product creation.

My passion of Design and Development comes from creating pixel-perfect results that solve and produce the best experience possible. My strong attention to detail, procedure & hard-work ethic produce results & projects on time in a high quality, professional manner.
I hope to connect and discuss any work or design projects as soon as possible.

– Morgan Walsh

My work experience in UX Design has shown design problems have no single right answer. Research and exploration lead to the different approaches of solving a specific user problem. Responsible for ensuring the product logically flows from one step to the next. Conducted user testing and identified verbal and non-verbal results. Independently and collaboratively designed and refined to create the "best" user experience.
Pixel perfect UI design work has become one of my favorite aspects in creative design. Finding clean, current and new designs for elements, pages and CTAs. Developing brand aligned UI to ensure the overall UX design is communicated seamlessly. Being responsible for creating cohesive styles, buttons, CTAs, and Interaction elements to ensure a consistent design language is applied across the product.
A key aspect of Product Design is understanding the business value behind every decision. Data informs everything we do, user research checks our assumptions, and we measure our success through business and engagement metrics. Understanding product design from animation, prototyping, coding, research, visual and interaction design and knowing when to deliver wireframes, and when to deliver pixel perfect mockups.


I believe Web Technology is one of the toughest business fields to be in; always evolving tech, platform requirements, deliverable content and the tools used to complete and stay up-to date. Through my experiences I’ve found what drives and pushes me to be a leader, providing proficient professional results.

Usability & Design
Research & Data Analysis
CSS, HTML & Programming
Wireframe, Prototyping & Structure
Visual Design

View my Print, Web & Design work on my Portfolio page.

My Past Work Experience

My past work experiences in Graphic Design, Marketing & Product Control have allowed me to become an experienced designer, manager & coordinator. My strong attention to detail, procedure & hard-work ethic produce high quality results, on time.

From Web, Digital & Print Design my knowledge is constantly evolving, while producing the finest work possible is always one of my top priorities. After working in the Mechanical & Production field I found my desire for Design & Creation to be the calling and rewarding work I really needed. Since then working in Graphics I have had to wear many hats and quickly learn things first hand. All my past work experiences have come full circle, allowing me to understand the many facets of Production Design. For my past work experience you can view my resume by clicking here.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Interaction & Tech design trends
  • Wireframes, Prototypes & Design
  • Working with WordPress & CMS
  • Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Responsive Design & Framework
  • Create & Manage Content

  • Develop Creative Materials
  • Develop Graphics & Layouts
  • Prepare Files for Production
  • Print & Digital Media Graphics
  • Printing Processes
  • Image manipulation, photo re-touching
  • Adobe CC Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

  • SEO Strategy & Implementation
  • Adwords & Analytics Setup
  • Adwords, Google Display ads, Facebook ads
  • Optimizing PPC and SEM Campaigns
  • e-Commerce SEO Strategy & Implementation
  • Creating advertising content
  • Keyword terms research
  • Analysis of usage trends and patterns of growth
  • Analytical understanding of metrics & statistics

My Past Work Resume

From a small Startup to Corporate Agile environment, my past work experience has come full circle to now encompass Production Design.


“Morgan’s creative abilities far exceeded our expectations. Clever & poignant in our marketing materials and always willing to go the extra mile. He has excellent attendance and is very punctual with his projects as well as his work schedule. He has been a huge asset to our Team!”

Rachael Morehouse
Director of Operations, Trikke Tech, Inc.

“There are no words that I can use to describe how valuable Morgan has been to our company over his tenure with our firm. He is mature, intelligent, dependable, competent, and dedicated. I highly recommend him to any firm that is looking for a high level print or web designer.”

Ronald Way
Managing Director, Fionda Group, LLC.

“Morgan is a highly motivated, intelligent, and proactive Production Designer but also an inspiring professional that is always punctual, forward thinking, and efficient. Morgan is an ambitious employee who can take on even the most challenging projects and always had solutions for better experiences.”

Antonio De Leon
Sr. Web Marketing Designer, Citrix